Come and discover our organic, gluten-free products. The health benefits of our products are exceptional.


  • To sweeten

    To sweeten

    Discover all our fruit powders, vegetables, our coconut flower sugar and our dried cranberries much less sweet. Enjoy the benefits of these products filled with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that will allow everyone to bring a subtle fragrance without having a detrimental effect on your blood sugar.

    All these natural substitutes of refined sugar will delight the taste buds of people concerned about their health, adapted to people with diabetes, small and large.

  • To quench your thirst

    To quench your thirst

    Whether you are a top athlete or just an unconditional fan of coconut water, Coco Hydro Sport is for you. These are pure electrolytes: potassium, sodium, magnesium manganese. This beverage is not liquid but is in the form of a powder to be rehydrated. A 100% natural, isotonic and ecological drink.

  • For snacks

    For snacks

    Discover our products for a healthy snack; Our cereal bars paleo (rich in protein), our handcrafted shortbread biscuits made with buckwheat in salty or sweetened version, our various munchies, to taste in nibbling in the office, before your sporting session, to taste the children. To take everywhere according to your desires, without guilt.

    Our products are gluten-free and can supplement vegetarian diet, vegan and can be consumed by gluten intolerant.

  • For breakfast

    For breakfast

    Discover our mueslis and organic granola, for a breakfast full of vitality; They are composed of gluten-free oatmeal flakes, sprouted buckwheat seeds (very high in protein) or cashew nuts with a subtle blend of fruits, superfoods for a healthy breakfast adapted to all.

  • Oils and butters

    Oils and butters

    Discover our extra virgin coconut oils and organic cranberry seed oil and our organic coconut butter.

    With real health benefits, organic extra virgin coconut oil will be your ally for cooking your food because it undergoes large temperature variations without burning, it brings a subtle taste to your dishes without distorting it. The cranberries seed oil is very rich in omega 3 and is used only for the seasoning of your dishes.

    Organic coconut butter is the perfect alternative for spreading or replacing butter in the confection of your cookies, cakes and other pie pastes.

  • Superfoods


    The term “superfood” means that certain foods are particularly well adapted to our nutritive needs. It’s almost as if specialised nutritionists have invented the vitamins, proteins, antioxidants  and active ingredients  contained in these traditional foods …