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With my experience in nutrition and passion for healthy cooking, I advise my patients every day to ensure that their diet brings them everything they need.


Installed in Liberal for 2 years, I receive on a daily basis health-conscious patients and persuaded that their diet can help them to be in good health.


This is how I began to look for superfoods easy to integrate into recipes that could improve the state of health of everyone, sometimes daibetic, overweight, having a disturbed transit.

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Mme Virginie Rodriguez

virginie rodriguez

Diététicienne Nutritionniste à Sainte Maxime

My office from Sainte Maxime

What is a dietician?

A dietician Nutritionist is a health professional having followed 2 years of studies (BTS Dietetic or DUT).

Expert in Nutrition and Balanced Diet, provides nutritional advice and medical prescription, participates in the education and nutritional rehabilitation of patients with disorders of metabolism or diet. For this purpose, he / she draws up a personalized dietary assessment and an adapted dietary education