The Cranberries are part, along with the goji berry, fruits richest in antioxidants and vitamins C.

Antioxidants would go into the prevention of certain cancers, but also cardiovascular diseases, and various diseases related to aging.

 One of the benefits of this fruit lies in its protective properties, in particular of the stomach, the bladder or the teeth.

Indeed, proanthocyanidin prevents certain bacteria from adhering to these organs, which protect against urinary infections (cystitis), or infections of the stomach.


For oral health, it prevents gingivitis, periodontitis (inflammation of the gums) and the formation of dental plaque responsible for caries.

However, some studies have concluded that the results are not sufficient to prove the action of cranberry on urinary tract infections.

 Other effects have been demonstrated, such as improvement in the general condition of the prostate and desensitization to certain allergies.

Certain components of this fruit would be effective in the treatment of mycoses.